Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sapporo-Toyako-Sapporo (300km; 3 days)

1. Sapporo-Jozankei-Nakayama togei-Kitayuuzawa onsen (110 km)

From Sapporo follow the National Route 230 to Jozankei. Slight up-down before Jozankei. In Jozankei last supply with food and drinks. After Jozankei medium and steady slope to Nakayama Togei (50 km from Sapporo). After 2/3 of the slope is the Jozankei tunnel (ca. 1 km). Big resthouse on the pass and splendid view on Yoteizan. 7 km descend along a river, then a few kilometers in the valley. In Kimobetsucho turn left to Toyako and Shikotsuko. After 1.5 km turn left and follow National Route 276 to Shikotsuko. You follow the valley for ca 12 km (only one convenient store at half way), then cross the river. 2 fairly steep ascends (ca. 3 km) and descends follow. Then turn right to National Route 453 to Ohtaki and Toyako Onsen. In Ohtakimura the next drink and food supply. At the entrance of Ohtakimura there is the Sankaitaki (approx. 1 km fromt he main street. In Kitayuzawa mura there is a nice rock formation in the riverbed, where the water flows shallow over a whitish flat rock.

2. Kitayuuzawa onsen-Toyako-Kitayuzawa onsen (80 km)

From Kitayuzawa Onsen follow National Route 453 along the river. After ca. 10 km turn right and take a short ascend to Toyako. At the lake turn left and take Hokkaido Route 5 to Toyako Onsen. On half the way you can turn left and visit the Showa Shinzan (fairly steep ascend). In Toyako Onsen you will meet National Route 230 again and follow it for ca. 5 km (heavy traffic). Then take a smaller street along the lake. Very beautiful and low traffic street with many camping places. At the north side of the lake this street will meet the Hokkaido Route 233 and will lead you back to the place where you arrived at Toyako. Then return to Kitayuzawa Onsen.

3. Kitayuzawa onsen-Sapporo (110 km)

same as reverse

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